The Single Most Important Leadership Trait of 2015

With the upcoming UN Climate Change Summit fast approaching, we wanted to revisit a leadership survey conducted by Deloitte, an International Financial Services company.   

In 2013, over 7,000 individuals in 29 countries between the ages of 18 and 32 were asked about leadership qualities and their current workplace environment.  60% of respondents agreed that the most important aspect of leadership within an organization is:

“Having a Sense of Purpose” The True Meaning of Purpose

As people of all ages search for more meaning their life and work choices, what does a sense of purpose actually mean? How can we develop this trait to become better leaders? We’ll take time now to unravel this concept, and provide a few tools to help unlock and develop yours.

The True Meaning of  Purpose 

Having purpose in your life means that you are aware of your actions and how they affect people and the environment around you.  As this awareness grows, it becomes easier to focus in on what drives, excites and ignites you as you wake up each morning.  While making money can be a driving force for some in their work lives, more people are searching for how they can have a greater impact on the world around them.  One way to go about making an impact is to follow the principle of giving, and make it a point to help others every day.  Here are a few ways to develop this skill and help you find your sense of purpose:


Volunteering is a great way to informally develop your leadership skills and understand the true feeling of what it means to give.  Leaders who donate their time and energy to the betterment of their community around them are often seen as approachable, compassionate and decisive.  Furthermore, volunteering does not require a significant investment of time each week (1-2 hours is sufficient).  If you are looking for unique volunteering opportunities, check out the Moving Worlds platform.

Summer Leadership Camps and Summits

If you require additional direction to develop your sense of purpose, another option is to attend Leadership Camps, seminars or weekend sessions to surround yourself with others who see the world the way that you do.  It helps immensely to know there are others who want to be a part of sustainable, caring organizations, and you never know – you may have a the next big idea and find new business partners or collaborators in the process.  IYLC holds a Summer Leadership Camp every year, and details can be found here.

If your schedule is full and you are looking for another way to find meaning in your life, try performing one good deed each day.  This suggestions may appear minor in scope, but could have lasting meaning in your life and help you unlock your potential.