Our mobile phones are making us reachable 24/7. The various social media applications allow for permanent communication, push notifications, real-time location services. The news apps push the news (almost) before it happens, (almost) like a drug. The modern information age bombards us all the time we have to meet deadlines, pass exams, attend social events, study, work, sit in traffic jams or on crowded trains, beat performance indicators and the list continues.

Many people are very good at scheduling their time and spending their energy. But what about the other side? When do we take the time to digest all this information, to refill our energy reserves and to reboot the system? Not only that but high stress, busy lives are often accompanied by poor nutrition or exercise routines. The long hours at a desk not allowing for a healthy exercise balance and the packaged/processed foods being more convenient than cooking fresh for yourself.

Finding out what allows you as an individual to let off that stress and recharge is key to your long-term success. Those who neglect the on-going life-style and leave it until too late to de-stress may well find themselves in a burnout situation or facing other serious health issues.

At IYLC we will help you look at:

  • Stress Triggers are actions, people, circumstances, situations or environment that make us feel stressed. Starting with an analysis of what provokes stress in you will allow for an evaluation of your current lifestyle and stress levels. Some may be eliminated and some may not but in any case it is crucial to know your triggers and minimize them in the long term to the lowest possible impact.
  • Stress Management Techniques help you deal and cope with stressful situations as they come. Familiarizing yourself with possible tools, experimenting with them and identifying your own personal approach to coping with stress. These techniques will help make stressful times, of which there will be many, much more survivable.
  • Re-Filling the bucket is the activity that releases stress and boosts you with energy. Looking at (and doing) what makes you happy and fulfilled is one way of filling your bucket. Hormones play a major role in how we feel, don’t neglect the physical body but also don’t get trapped into negative thinking modes.

As an IYLC student, you will have the opportunity to develop a personal toolkit to cope with stressful times. It will support you through promotions, career changes, personal challenges, prevention of some health issues and in many other circumstances. To be productive and efficient, you have to learn to let go and start the days with a fresh mind feeling rested; this is what we will identify with you. Activities and meditation techniques to help you calm down and relax, sleep better, eat better and feel better.

Many people like a certain level of activity in their lives; enough going on to feel motivated to jump up and feel inspired each day. Whilst moderate levels of stress may be needed for top performance, we encourage you to learn where your optimum level is, to notice when it is getting too much and to know how to keep long term performance levels and success.