Getting it right on the podium and being confident in public speaking can drive the success of your proposal, project, sales pitch or career. At the International Young Leaders Club students are taught the basic concepts and structures for several types of speech.

  • Self-introduction speeches that present your life and achievements in the best light.
  • Impromptu or spontaneous speeches, for instance if asked to talk on a subject in a job interview, gives you a powerful tool to think and present clearly on a given subject with minimum preparation time.
  • Informative speeches take much longer to prepare and are designed to convey a much greater amount of information. If you are expert in a subject it can take quite some practice to present your knowledge in a way that is open and accessible to a wider audience.
  • Persuasive speeches have the objective of convincing an audience on a particular perspective. This is needed when presenting your ideas to others and aiming at getting them on board to support you.

IYLC training uses modern tools like the ‘pocket speech’ mnemonic to the timeless ‘art of persuasion’ as developed by the ancient Greeks. With practice, students master the art of engaging with the audience to deliver high impact impromptu, informative and persuasive speeches.


IYLC’s public speaking training will allow you to develop and practice the skills necessary to get up there up to the podium and make powerful public speeches. Live recordings of your practice speeches are reviewed by your coach and by a peer group. Body language and posture, voice volume, pitch and modulation, articulation and pausing, humour, simplicity and of course eye contact are all essential elements to powerful speeches. Students will be guided in a study of their own role-model speakers/leaders to gain speaking tips and to develop their own speaking style in the direction they want.

With usefull public speaking tips we help shy students overcome any stage fright and more advanced students to develop their effective public speaking skills and style. Students going for job interviews will also find these techniques very valuable in boosting their confidence and help them secure the job they have always wanted.