IYLC promotes mentoring as a means to fast track your learning in a given industry, job or entrepreneurial project. A mentor is someone who has ‘been there & done it’ before you, someone who can warn you of the risks and show you how to achieve success. IYLC has a wide range of mentors in many industries.


  • Brings you new insights to your job, role or project.
  • Highlights risks and potential pit-falls where things can go wrong.
  • Shows you how to succeed in a challenge.
  • Gives you a more experienced perspective.

Mentoring is not a job interview; your mentor is also not a consultant. You will have to do the ‘work’ and your mentor will give you guidance on how to go about it. In-fact, at IYLC we find that in many cases the mentoring benefit goes in both directions with the more experienced ‘mentor’ also learning a thing or two from the new recruits, especially in terms of technology, social media and trends in the younger market segments.


At IYLC we assign mentors based on relevance of profession, industry or particular soft skills so that the student and mentor are well aligned in expectations and requirements. The mentoring program works best with students who are already in an existing internship or job role. The student can expect to gain insights and advice from someone who is experienced in their subject and ready to support them.

Please note that mentoring is not recruitment and the mentoring relationship must be treated with respect.