Leadership is a major area of development across all organisations and industries globally and is core to the existence of IYLC, the International Young Leaders Club.

In most job descriptions leadership qualities are expected at all levels of organisations from entry-level applicants to senior roles. Leadership is not just required at the executive levels; at a junior level you may be leading a small team or project or supporting a leadership role. At senior levels you might be leading organisations or bigger teams.

Leadership qualities range from connecting with people, influencing yourself and others, driving results, inspiring others and also leading teams, projects or assignments. To prepare yourself for any step in your life, you have to be able to demonstrate your leadership qualities. For this you have to show when you actually had the opportunity to execute them and how you went about it. Our goal is to help you build your personal leadership profile since each of us has unique leadership qualities that make up your individual leadership DNA.

  • Learning about your Leadership Qualities and Style. We all bring some leadership qualities just from our life experiences. Maybe you took initiative to organise a party for your friends? Maybe friends like to come to you because you are a great listener? All these are qualities you already possess and will be able to take them to the next level once becoming aware. Understanding your own leadership style and possible others will show you in which situations you may perform naturally well and where you may need to become more conscious of your response.
  • Studying Qualities of Inspiring Leaders is one of the best ways to learn about all the leadership qualities from real life examples. People you personally look up to, some of their traits you wish to acquire or maybe some you may not. Learning from the best leaders that resonate with you will help guide your journey to become a better leader.
  • Establishing your Leadership Profile will set the base for the growth and development of your leadership. Knowing where you are and understanding where you want to go will allow you to develop your unique profile. This is a long process that will continue for the rest of your life since leadership is a skill where practice, of both successes and failures, will ensure continuous improvement.

In the leadership qualities and style sessions you will develop awareness of your own existing style and identify situations where you showed leadership. You will look at other leaders based on your own personal choices and define their characteristics. The journey will start with creating your current leadership profile, establish a development plan to acquire further leadership competencies. Our coaches will encourage you to pursue certain exercises and experiment in situations, which will challenge your leadership style and review your findings.