IYLC retains its roots and heritage as a start-up and as a highly entrepreneurial business. We are delighted to assist our students and members in any business idea they might have. Through IYLC Entrepreneur, we have helped launch a restaurant, set up a business school, opened education portals for on-line delivery, configured websites and even researched the secret world of Swiss chocolate making.

IYLC experts and mentors are more than willing to turn their corporate experience to start up projects, supporting you with expertise that takes years or even decades to learn, and a network of professionals to meet every challenge.

IYLC Entrepreneur programs provide strong foundations for any start-up:

  • Market Research: Establishing whether there is a viable market is normally the first step in any entrepreneurial project. Market research will tell you if your business idea is just a dream or if it can turn into some sort of reality.
  • Business plan: When you can prove that your business idea has a viable market to sell to, the next step is to put up a business plan. The comprehensive IYLC business planning starts by identifying a vision and mission for your projects; and then takes you through the feasibility study and through to formalising an action plan for success.
  • Financial Modelling: Unless you are already an expert, the financial aspects of a start-up can be the most daunting. Our financial modelling services can help you understand the revenue and cost drivers as well as making a comprehensive risk assessment. Currency impacts are also important to understand and manage; setting up your business in a cash-positive way can help you keep control and minimise risks.
  • Implementation: IYLC staff is on hand for the opening stages of the project, supporting you through the challenging time of actually putting the business plan into action.

Through IYLC Entrepreneur modules, students build their confidence, and leverage the expertise available through our coaches and network. We start with technical training on each subject that you feel you need strengthened. We have templates for business plans, a clear business model canvas, social media canvas and can co-write the plans with you. Financial expertise is often a critical aspect for making the final go/no-go decisions; and we will investigate the financial set up of your project to highlight risks and opportunities.

Students are welcome to call on IYLC expertise either directly to support the setup of a entrepreneurial project they intend to implement or as a training exercise to see how business planning works on a more theoretical basis or as part of their studies.