Interviews are the ‘make or break’ of any application. Just as you prepare your CV, the best candidates will have prepared their interview technique. To quote from the British SAS, perfect preparation prevents piss poor performance.

  • Self-Introduction prepared so that the interview gets off to a good start.
  • Personal Empathy toolkit so that you can relate to the interviewer and adapt your responses accordingly.
  • Practice at having presented your own CV to your strengths in the best way.
  • Research on the company or university you are applying to.

Our interview sessions start from your current CV and style to get to know you and then build up a development plan to perfect your interview technique. All sessions are tailored to your specific circumstances and adapted to whether you are aiming at job interview or a university place.


Using IYLC services, students develop a self-introduction based on their current experience and achievements. Students are taught useful tools to make sure interviews run smoothly and that they understand what interviewers are looking for. You will learn how to recognise handle stress tests and interruption tests during an interview. Sensitive points are covered, like how to talk about the time you were fired or failed in an assignment.

Using personal empathy and communication style toolkits, IYLC students learn how to adapt their styles to the individual style of each interviewer. Practice interviews are used to develop technique and can be targeted to specific job or university applications.

After each interview practise session, a detailed report is provided on the strengths and weaknesses of you interview performance. Students find this document most helpful in their interview preparation, providing them with the key focus points they need to keep or improve.