Getting the best out of yourself; getting the best out of others; getting the best in any circumstance requires skill and experience and IYLC offers both. We use a comprehensive model that starts with analysis of your own personal situation and moves on through your peer group pressures and limitations to how your life is structured in more physical terms. Your influencing skills can be used on your own situation or on helping others perform.

  • Personal motivation in your life; how well you are doing in each aspect of your studies, career and personal life. Understanding your own motivation at the personal level is the first step in getting results.
  • Peer-group: how your family, friends, colleagues or fellow students are helping or hindering your progress towards your goals. Pressure from close contacts can have a significant effect (positive or negative) on your ability to stay motivated and productive on your goals.
  • Structured: How you have your life structured in terms of locations, environment and movement. Creating a personal living space can be a first step in building your own motivation. Making sure you have the right tools and structure can make significant contribution to getting concrete result on your objectives.

Starting with the analysis of the three levels of motivation, IYLC students are led through exercises to identify strong points and areas for change and development. Then moving on to the execution phase, finding ways to make the undesirable become desirable; ways to change or adapt the influence of the peer group and ways to adapt the structure of your life for the better.

The execution of fundamental change takes in your life can take quite some time and effort. Students must be willing to step out of their comfort zone and embrace a future that is different to the past.

After completing deep analysis and execution on their own situation, some students will wish to progress onto using these influence techniques in their team leadership roles and to help individuals in their own peer-group to make changes in their lives.