Finding your Element or Zone focuses on learning about yourself, where you perform best, your learning style and where you will find the most satisfaction. All these aspects can bring out the best in your own performance. To find your zone, you have to start by knowing yourself. Have you ever picked up a task and felt immediately at ease with it? Did it come naturally to you? There was no need to convince yourself to get started and you felt you could have worked through it all night because time just didn’t matter. This is exactly what being in the zone means – you are playing to your values, aptitudes and strengths.

  • Playing to your strengths is the single most essential ingredient that will make you grow and develop throughout your life. If you know what you are good at, motivation will come easy to get up and do it. By frequent repetitions you will become better and better in the mastery of your area which will again boost your motivation and ability.
  • Love what you do, do what you love is a great cause and effect in itself. If you can do what you love in life, you will be so much a happier and successful person. We find fulfilment through mastery and purpose in life and knowing your purpose will give your path a lot of meaning and reward.
  • Build and boost confidence by knowing what you are really good at. We believe, despite the fact that you have to develop and also take yourself outside of your comfort zone regularly; you should have a secure base to fall back to. Knowing what you are really good at and achieving in this area as well as building a strong reputation for your skills will provide you with confidence.

Finding your element is a critical self- awareness skill that, in this case, separates the high performing, productive and satisfied person from the rest of the pack. Student sessions will be dedicated to looking inside yourself, building maps on what you like doing and what comes naturally to you. Exercises that will take you there will also help you overcome inner obstacles like fear of failure, resistance to change and procrastination. Here, we will be looking at others as much as at you to really understand your zone. Some psychometric tests will be used to build a deeper understanding. Finding your element sessions can be delivered either face-to-face or remote.

If you’d like to read more about finding your zone to understand what it means, check out our blog entries on this topic for further understanding or just contact us directly.