Your CV and personal branding is often the very first impression that a recruiter or university admission officer will have of you. It is also the one document that you design yourself and has content that you can control completely. Getting your curriculum vitae right is completely up to you and at the International Young Leaders Club we can show you how.

Starting with the very basics:

  • Layout of your CV must help recruiters find the information they are looking for.
  • Typography that clear and easy to read; remember that more senior eyes like bigger clearer fonts.
  • Keywords are often used by CV analysis software so targeting your CV and motivation letter to each job is important
  • Achievement based rather than just a simple list of previous responsibilities

Once it has made it into the hands of the HR or recruiting manager, your CV will typically have just a few seconds to make a good impression. With the basics taken care of, it is now up what you have in terms of content and the way you present your skills, experience and the results of achievements that count. This is where IYLC can really help you.

Through our CV sessions we make sure that students present their talent and strengths in the most effective manner developing their CV and Personal Branding. By getting to know each student and talking through their placements, courses, first jobs and education we draw up a full résumé. We often find that there are many things that are not on the CV that should be to have the right positive impact on recruiters or university admission officers. For each application, selected sections from the full résumé are used to bring forward the appropriate skills and achievements.


IYLC students are led through a series of exercises to develop their CV and letter writing skills. We help you develop your job or university application documents based on your existing experience. We can then work with you in targeted development activities to further build up your profile so that your CV gets stronger and your applications have more chance of success.

  • Insight from our experienced coaches as to how your current CV and motivation are probably coming across by recipients and how to develop it.
  • Achievements based CV based on your experience and strengths.
  • Targeted application documents for each job or university application.