Some career paths are more common than others but there is no fixed rule on the right or wrong career path. Careers are can be as diverse as the people living them. You might study and then work in that same field or you might decide to work in a different field after your studies; convincing your next employer that you are the ideal candidate is of course the challenge to meet.

At IYLC, career development incorporates multiple areas from education, internships, projects, interests, jobs, roles and developing the skills and experience that an employer will pay you for.

  • Technical Skills can be learned in the classroom or in the work-place. Many jobs require a high degree of technical competence and students must make their educational choices directed at those specific jobs. The technical skills are used in the work performed, perfected and kept up to date over the years.
  • Behavioural or Transferrable skills also play a very important part in your career development. Particularly communication skills, management skills, computer skills on common software packages, project management expertise and others can often be transferred from one job to the next; from one industry to another. The best technical specialist can be a terrible people manager, developing soft-skills is important to making your career grow.
  • Experience in the right industries and job-roles. If you have a clear long-term goal then it is easier to build a series of job steps to get there. But where do you start if you have no fixed objective in mind? And, how do you combat the ‘must have x-years experience’ requirements on the job adverts when you are just at the start of your career?

At IYLC we help our students discover where their natural talents and strengths are. Some people seem to always be ‘in their element’ and others need a little help or guidance to work out where they will best succeed. We have development and training sessions targeted at helping students identify their own strengths and aspirations and where they are most likely to succeed.

  • Career Development Report identifies your unique personality characteristics, and describes the behaviors you are likely to exhibit in a range of different settings.
  • Technical and soft skills are both essential parts of your career development and IYLC students will identify areas for development in both categories. Most education programmes focus strongly on the technical side and we can help you identify which courses will help you achieve your objectives. Students also look at their current soft-skills and how best to develop them.
  • Playing to your own character strengths: At IYLC we believe that students perform best in their natural element and environments. Identifying your personal character strengths will help you identify careers, industries and specific jobs that are of particular interest.
  • The Professional Orientation and Career Development Plan will help you kick-start your career. It will also give you some credible answers to use in response to that tricky interview question “where do you see yourself in five years time?”.

IYLC, with our experienced professional mentors, coaches and lecturers are ready to help young people build a career plan and to put it into action. We help you identify your real professional passions and goals and how to start achieving them.