A day with the International Young Leaders Club

Students from one of the world’s leading hospitality management schools, Les Roches in Switzerland, had the opportunity a day with the International Young Leaders Club. During our workshop at the Les Roches Hospitality Management School, we shared some tools and skills that will facilitate the students’ journey from education to employment.

Here are some insights for those who want to get a glance of what we did. The first step towards understanding of where you want to go is building self – awareness. It is about understanding yourself and through activities like personality test, coaching, mentoring and feedback get some more insights into what you hadn’t know about yourself and even maybe what others don’t see in you yet either. Discovering that unknown box about us is an exciting journey, one that may be full of surprises but also bring aspects to light that show off areas for development.

Most of all, this helps us go back to the roots, understand who we are, what our values and believes our. Only after that exercise the next decisions on where you want to go can be taken. They will be aligned to you, only you and be grounded on some awareness about the real you.

Catherine, who decided to blog about her experience with us certainly felt that “a greater understanding of our own strengths and weaknesses was certainly the best lesson of the day”.  Read her full blog post about the experience she and her class had with us here.

What is your self-awareness and how do you develop it further?