Business Mentoring – a personal journey

It’s time to ask for advice

By Anastasia S.

It doesn’t matter in what century you live, there is always one paradox – children want to be adults, while adults want to return their childhood. In every person’s life there are times when you feel the need for guidance. This is particularly true for a person aged between 15 to 21 years old. It is during that time that a young person starts to feel powerful, intelligent and able to change the world. At the same time, not fully ready to discover and step into “grown up” world, longing for support and guidance. This support although very often coming from parents and friends, can also come from the world of business mentoring.

This is exactly what happened in my life. Four years ago, I was a very active student, who was looking for something to do with my life. But I had still very little idea who I want to become and evolve-into in my future “grown up” life. Everything had changed in half a year after having spent few weeks at IYLC summer camp. This club and IYLC modules have not only given me confidence, courage and belief that I will succeed in my life; but also have acquainted me with two wonderful people, who became my mentors later on.

Today, I have successfully graduated from university and got my dream job. Despite many challenges in my life at the moment I have no doubts that I have made a first step towards my career and future success.

During all that time I have had enormous support from my mentors, who have been there for me and with me during my best and worst times. Times where I had my happiest moments and the times of lost hope and faith. Throughout all that time they tried to explain everything to me and guide me: starting from the business environment and professional life to personal questions. They are the people who I greatly cherish and who are true gifts in my life, my friends, whom I trust and believe.

This experience of business mentoring has showed me, that it is extremely important to find your mentor, because mentors will provide you support and guidance when you really need it. Believe me, your life will change when you can say: “I’m not alone. I have a mentor. I can rely on this person. He’s my real friend.”

About the Author

Anastasia S comes from Ukraine. Her family home is in Donetsk and during the last year she has faced a completely new world of fear and uncertainty. She has completed her Masters in Economics and is now happy to have a job, any job. The challenge of making her way in this new environment has led her to new insights on both the personal and business worlds.