Applying for jobs…what is the secret?

Many of us heard about the importance of having the correct CV and cover letter format when applying for jobs. There is tons of information, which is easily available online, where you can easily discover how to write your CV. And all the rules are more or less known to everybody: your CV should be catchy, to-the-point and “sell” you in the right manner.

As everybody else, I thought that my CV is good. Until I actually had a workshop with IYLC on CV writing. It turned out that my CV is far from being an ideal. Despite closely following the steps which I have learned online and during my students years, my CV did not look sharp: I was trying to put too much information on it to show which kind of background I have together with professional and academic profile. I thought: the more, the better – just put everything there to show how experienced and good you are. But later on I discovered that it was a completely wrong approach: clogging your CV with information will not bring you any benefit, and will not bring you your dream job either.

It is a known fact that an HR person spends approximately 10seconds looking over your CV…10seconds is nothing. If your CV is clogged with information (just as mine was) HR person will not be able to pick up the key information, which means you will not be called for the interview. Therefore, the less the better: make your information really stand out to the reader. It is also quite crucial to adapt your CV to each of the job posts: and that doesn’t mean that you have to change only the title of your CV; changing the content is also very important.

As you can see, there are plenty of little tricks that at the end make a huge different for you getting to interview for that that dream job. Whatever your starting point, the staff at IYLC will be ready to help you.

Create an outstanding CV with an IYLC coach

A professional coaching conversation around your education and professional experience will help bring out far more than you realised you had. We can also help identify the relevant parts for the particular job description you are applying for and help phrase your experience and achievements to match against them. IYLC coaches can be contacted on and our team will be delighted to assist.